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LV Oh Man Its Icy





Shiney O Lady

Icy is 15 hands and solid! She is built correctly and has clean legs. Her coat is darker than other sorrel horses - she is very unique color. Icy is stout as can be, which also makes her an incredibly easy keeper. We never worry about her appetite - she is very nutritionally efficient.
Icy is easy to ride and has been a favorite around here because of her wonderful temperament and incredible maneuvers. She is soft in the bridle and low headed - She will ride around at all gaits, all speeds, with her nose in the dirt. Icy has a cute jog and a super long trot for the ranch classes. She is powerful and is willing to do whatever is asked of her, shes very in tune to her rider. Icy has the ability to plus every maneuver in the reining, and then some. She circles well and has a ton of “come back” to her - she slows down with great ease, every time you ask. Her lead changes are easy and uncomplicated. She has a TON of turn, and STOPS HUGE! You can see in her video, this mare has a fancy set of spins and drags her hind end all day long. She is a machine! Icy has a lot of ability and never says “no” to her rider - she will try her heart out, which makes her so loveable.
In addition to her talent as a performance horse, Icy is good minded and loves to be outside. She’s been ridden outside and rides great alone or in a group. Nothing seems to startle her and shes not spooky! Icy has been used to pony other horses and even tolerates children, dogs, and a crazy miniature horse running around her - none of these things phase her. She will go all over the property and trail ride or she will ride in an arena, both are fine by her. Icy is the same horse every single day. She has had one foal and will be a great broodmare now or when she’s done with her show career.
Icy is used to being stalled but is great in a herd and turned outside. She stands great for bathing, saddling, farrier, clipping, etc. She is not mare-ish in the least, in fact, she is as low drama as they come. You’d never guess she was a mare based on her behavior. Icy is UTD on all routine cares and ready for her next chapter. If we were in the keeping horses business, she’d be one that stays here! She is a total gem, don’t miss out on this one! Whether youre looking to breed or show, she is your girl.

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