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Krogs Ima Diamond

Mikey is a big, 15.1 hand stout gelding with a lot of shape and wonderful conformation. He is a smutty buckskin, with tons of dapples! He has great bloodlines and is the perfect age. Mikey is about 15 hands and is gentle as they come.
Mikey has never been lame nor does he require any maintenance to keep him going. He has no quit in him and always has a sunny disposition and a “Can-Do” attitude towards anything asked of him. He has been roped off of in the pasture and at brandings. He’s wonderful in the arena, and has a lot of feel and power to his gaits. He’s easy to ride and will excel in most any discipline. Mikey is great riding by himself or with other horses. He has been tied overnight and stands well for all saddling, grooming, etc. as well. Mikey is a rockstar to ride outside. He has a lot of trail miles and ranch miles under his belt for his age. Mikey is not afraid of much, if anything. He’s not spooky and is always one of the most confident horses in the herd. He will cross water, go over tarps, thick brush, etc. Mikey also has drug calves, logs, basically everything. He is content to work in the arena all day or just be your next best friend. He is always the first one to greet us outside. We’ve owned him for a couple of years now and he has never been sick or sore. Mikey is in a stall sometimes, in the pasture a lot, and has been by himself and in a herd. He will not bully others - and he’s not going to get pushed around, either! He is a super easy keeper. Everybody loves him, he is so easy to own! He’s not only America’s favorite color, but hes well-bred, very easy to ride, and loves to be around people.

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