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Skip The Rosez





RagTag Molly Rose

“Skip” is a sale highlight - for sure. He is ALL of the things - gorgeous, good minded, and talented. He is about 14.3 hands tall and thick! He has a gorgeous blaze and white socks, as well as a snow white mane and tail. Everybody loves a dappled coat like his, he seems to have a dappled palomino coat no matter what season it is! Skip is conformationally correct in every way and has THE CUTEST head - look at those big eyes! He’s totally sound and has no holes, vices, any concerns in the least.
For starters, Skip is EXTREMELY broke - AND EXTREMELY quiet. We cannot emphasize that enough with him! He is wise beyond his years. He is the same horse every single day. It doesnt matter where he is, when he was ridden last, etc. — I promise you he will always be a good boy. I love that about him! All of us do. In addition to being super well made physically and mentally, he is fun to ride. Skip has a quiet jog and will go all day as slow as you’d like…and a nice long trot for the times you’d like to cover more ground or enter in the Ranch Classes. He has a smooth, slow lope. He lopes right out of his tracks and is super leaded. He has a soft mouth and sides, but is not overly sensitive. He is so forgiving but also very responsive - you could “kiss” to him and get wherever you need to go!
Skip rides alone, bareback, in a group, backwards, forwards - all jokes aside, he honestly does anything you ask of him and will not worry. Skip is the product of a lot of time and patience, and hes confident and kind as the day is long. You can cross water, logs, tarps, etc. on his back. He has pasture roped and taken me to go get the mail a few times. He’s phenomenal on trails, and rides in the arena, as you can see in his video. He’s the real deal.
Skip can be kept outside or inside. He is great to have around. He has impeccable manners - undoubtedly one of the best mannered horses we’ve come across. He bathes and clips without a halter on. He handles small children all around his legs, dogs, etc. He is traffic safe and he’s used to large trucks and equipment driving by as we border a highway. Please check out his video and do not hesitate to reach out to us for more info, videos, pictures - whatever you’d like. He is an exceptional horse and he will be missed!

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