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Cashs Nu Colonel



Smoken Joe Cash





CB Dunit Didit Right

Here is a stunning gelding with the gorgeous grulla color and a mane halfway to his knees! Smoke is easy on the eyes, easy to ride, easy to own, but HARD to duplicate. Smoke has a loaded pedigree and it shows. He’s built well and is clean legged. He has a gorgeous, thick tail that grows forever. Smoke does well in his halter classes and always attracts attention. He has a beautiful, kind eye - which makes sense because this gelding is as good natured as they come.

Smoke has all the fancy maneuvers and buttons but you will not need a Ph D to ride him. He is the same horse on the trail as he is in the arena. He has VERY smooth gaits - his long trot is effortless and credit earning in the ranch classes. Smoke spins with ease and has a ton of style in the show pen. He is safe for all riders and is content to spend the day on a leisurely trail ride if thats all you’d like him to do. Smoke has been roped off of, worked cattle, show in the reining and all ranch versatility classes, and just been in general a great asset to our program. We cannot keep them all, if we could, Smoke would stay.

Smoke ties all day without issues, he clips without even a halter on, and he is an angel to be around. He loves to be groomed and bathed. Smoke is an easy keeper. He has been kept in a herd without any issues, and he is good in his stall as well as turned out in the big pasture. He doesnt require any special farrier or maintenance work to keep him sound - he has never had a sick day. Smoke crosses water, drags logs, etc. and knows what a days work is. He will be the first one at the gate at the beginning of each day. He’s the definitely of a unicorn!

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