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Chic Lil Ruby

Kenny is one of the good guys! He’s by Spooks Gotta Whiz and out of a Chic mare. He has great names on both sides of his papers! Kenny is 14.1 hands and stout, with great conformation. He has stunning BLUE eyes and a bright white blaze. Everybody that comes into the barn comments on how unique he is and how pretty his eyes are.
Kenny is a finished reiner and has a lot of trot - He will stand out in the higher end competitive Ranch Riding classes. He is a happy go lucky type of horse, who is always eager to be taken out of his stall/paddock and go for a ride. Kenny is a big stopper and has a great set of spins. He circles low headed, and is very responsive to his rider’s cues. He has a ton of WHOA and will lay a huge set of tracks in the ground every time. Kenny is ready to go show in the reining, ranch riding, or any number of other events as he is incredible versatile and easy going.
Kenny has been ridden outside and around the property with ease. He is used to kids, dogs, traffic, large equipment, etc. He would enjoy being ridden more on the trails if that is what his next owner prefers, too! He has been hauled and showed at local shows, he is the same horse in a new place as he is at home.
He’s low maintenance, we’ve never had any soundness issues with him or any health concerns. He doesnt need veterinary work to stay sound, and he doesnt need any special shoeing. Kenny stands great for clipping, bathing, grooming, etc. He is easy to keep around here, either in a stall or out in the pasture. He’s in the middle of the herd hierarchy, and we dont have to make special accommodations for him. Kenny is seriously one that stands out with his looks and ability, but is versatile and ready for whatever his next job may be, whether its reining or something else!

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