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Shiners Voodoos Dr



Voodoos Magic Mojo





Travelin Gracie

This horse has a big time resume - but he is so much more than a show horse! “Mojo” is by the one and only Shiners Voodoo Dr and out of a Travelena mare! He is the product of careful breeding and is truly a versatile horse as a result. Mojo is about 14.3 hands and very well-made. He is an easy choice for a halter class winner. He has a TON of tail - its so thick and beautiful! He’s bay roan and has a coon tail as well as white hairs throughout his coat. Mojo is stunning.
Mojo is a finished reining horse as well as being a total whiz at all the ranch classes. He has over 60 pts in the Open AQHA Ranch classes AND over 20 pts in the AQHA Amateur Ranch classes. We took him to a show last weekend and he swept the ranch classes as well as the jackpot class, and we rode him to Panda Express for the lunch break. He’s been to Target on a busy Saturday, he’s been trail rode all over, and you can show him at the drop of a hat. Mojo is SO COOL.
He’s talented and easy to ride. He spins with ease, and will leave a hole in the dirt. Mojo has a lot of stop - he’s more WHOA than GO. However, he is as easy to keep at the extended trot as they come - which makes him a blast to show! He has a ton of style and presence and always gets us noticed in the rail classes, even. He will do whatever is asked of him and shows a lot of desire to please. Mojo is the same exact horse at home as he is in new places. He acts like he’s seen it all, done it all, and who knows, maybe he has! He’s a total sweetheart.
He has a fun, sweet personality and is a barn favorite. Mojo is friendly and has good manners. He can be kept outside in a herd, or inside in a stall by himself, neither one bothers him! He’s easy to own and have around. Mojo stands like a pro for the farrier, for bathing/clipping, etc. He doesnt waste feed nor does he have any bad habits.
Mojo is ready to take his next owner to more victories or maybe just on more trail rides. Its all the same for him, he’s happy doing whatever you ask of him, and he looks good doing it. Don’t miss out on owning this exceptional gelding - he is the real deal. If we could justify keeping one this good around, he wouldnt be for sale.

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